Easy Simple Wrap

Making this lovely blue and off white wrap for a dear 88 year old client who is “always so cold” !!!!
Will throw up a quick and easy pattern on my blog when it’s done… very easy and used accessible yarn to keep the costs down for her ❤

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Take Care everyone! WATCH THIS SPACE! 😎


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PussyHats Forever!

I’ve been meaning to add a #PussyHat Post.

I’ve been meaning to start an INSPIRATION section.

Why not have both?

This weekend is the Million Women March on Washington D.C.   Coming in on the day after the Donald Trump inauguration – Women from all over the world, and not only at the White House, are standing up for Women.  Not only women’s issues, but support across the board.  The Pussy Hat Project has taken over.  A fabulous idea to not only bring awareness to the group and the charities, but bringing knitters, crocheters, and even quilters ( fiber artists !) together for a cause.

Head on over to PussyHatProject.com for all of their information, including patterns and how to keep involved.

Now – I cant make it to the march – but I ( we ) can continue to wear our hats everywhere we go – a futher show of support for one another – those close to us and across all borders!

Here are a few pictures of the making of my hat – I should add here – I also made one in black, for that awesome pussyhat friend who just doesn’t wear pink!

I have a few little tweaks to put on here – can’t wait to show you the final pieces!

As a part of my #fibrestory – I haven’t been 100% this year, and the Pussy Hat Project is my first knit since JUNE 2016! (yes, this is a lot for me!)

( see Pussy Hat Below )

Here is my fo – Finished my hat will have a bit of embelishment  – update to come!

So – everyone grab the pattern over at Pussy Hat Project – make for all your friends – enjoy your pussyhat – and hopefully – you may even make it to one of the Women’s March ‘es coming up on January 21 2017 !

( I should also add, look up your local march – Being in Toronto ( Canada ) there is also one here, so never think this is a solely US March! ).

Thanks Everyone!  Watch for my Blog Updates and sign up on my email for updates!



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Realistic Basket Weave Baby Blanket *** PATTERN ***


I love a good basket weave – but found that most “Basket Weave” patterns looked like boxes, not Basket Weave!
So – I played around and designed this gorgeous stitch pattern.

In this pattern I have included one blanket size – and EASY instuctions on how to enlarge or make your blanket smaller.

I also encourage anyone to use this design for other projects! So far I have heard from people using it for a Baby Cardigan and many (beautiful) scarve and cowl / Infinity Scarves.

Have fun with it – and let me know what you make!

Worsted / 10 ply (9 wpi) ?

US 6 – 4.0 mm

328 – 984 yards (300 – 900 m)
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Lagertha Cowl Infinity Scarf *** PATTERN ***

20160226_120047 (2)

This infinity scarf is a part of a series of pieces, inspired by the show
VIKINGS – This LAGERTHA cowl is made (shown) with Extra Chunky (6) yarn. I used “Loops and Threads – Country Loom” – Easily found for everyone. This yearn also give a “wild hair” affect that I love.

I have tried to keep this pattern a “middle of the road” cable piece and pattern, for people who are just beginning in the Cable field – making it easy for everyone – no matter your exposure to knitting!

I also have a beginners series on YouTube to help anyone along, Please feel free to email me and I will do my best to help.
YouTube: http://tinyurl.com/MuzeStudio
My Site: MuzeStudio.com

Super Bulky (5-6 wpi)

US 13 – 9.0 mm

219 – 273 yards (200 – 250 m)
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Ripple Cable Cowl Infinity Scarf *** PATTERN ***

full_186_193454_RippleWeaveCowlInfinityScarf_1 full_7005_193454_RippleWeaveCowlInfinityScarf_3

Simple Cable Pattern – Great for begginers or pro’s.

Ripples make this cowl very lush and plush and squishable. Fabulous and soft to wear and always brings compliments! I suggest a super bulk yarn (6) for maximum plush affect.
Pattern is made for you to choose your length according to your preferrences and / or hight. (With suggestions to choose your length).

Gage is also open to your choice – Leaving which yarn you choose to use – I have included what I have made and used in the photo.

You will need a cable needle or dpn for this pattern.

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Champagne Bubble Baby Blanket *** PATTERN ***


This Beautiful Plush baby blanket pattern is an eye catcher that wont be put in the closet!

Soft 3D affect of Bubbles adds to this super plush blanket pattern!
Reverse side looks like Honeycomb affect.

Written pattern includes 27”, 32” & 36” wide, you can work to desired length.

Needs a crochet hook for drop stitch, pattern includes link to how to do the drop stitch, so dont be scared if you havent done dropped stitches before!

I used 3.75mm needles, but I knit continental and give a little room.
If knitting “English” or “Throwing” use a 4 or 4.5mm needle.
Use an Aron / DK or “4” yarn. 950 yards is 27×28” (smallest included in pattern, which is 3 skeins of the Caron yarn – add another skein per size)

Bind in ends.

See my videos and Have a great time with this extra soft eye catching Baby Blanket pattern!

20160223_123230 20160225_184052 (2)






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FREE Water Fall – Garter Stitch Infinity Scarf Cowl *** PATTERN ***

PhotoGrid_1415299301364 PhotoGrid_1415302631469 PhotoGrid_1415320614925

No matter where I go – I always get compliments from friends and complete strangers about this cowl / infinity scarf.

Its an incredibly simple pattern, amazing for first timers – or pro’s just sitting in front of the tv.

Its two skeins – of Lion Brand HomeSpun – Super Chunky (6) – with 6mm knitting needles.

Cast on 30 stitches.

Do a Garter stitch for entire project.

(SO, decide if you want to work entire piece in knit, or purl…. and stick with that stitch for every row, for the entire length of you piece).

  • HINT – when choosing yarn, try to find a skin that the inside ( where you pull the yarn out of the centre), and the outside (end of the skein, wrapping close to the label) are as close to the same shade as possible.  This allows you to use the entire skein if you want, with as seamless a colour change as possible.
  • This is a great piece to pull up around your head, and still have a wrap around your neck / chest.
  • Play with the width!  My personal piece is closer to a cast on of 40 stitches, I reallly like pulling one of the layers as a shelter around my head and ears, fabulous for those “its not snow but its not rain” days!
  • I cannot stress this enough – ENJOY THIS PATTERN! Play with it, feel around with it!
  • With this yarn, I recomend washing in cold, and laying out flat to dry, but thats up to you too 🙂



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3 x 3 Garter Stitch Rib

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How To Bind Off – Knit

Simple Video Tutorial showing you how to bind off your finished knit work:


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Cable Cast on – Knit

How to knit a Cable Cast on – No Cable needles Required:


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Continental Stitching – Knitting and Purl in Continental Knit

Learn how to knit ” Continental ” wise in this easy tutorial:

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3D Bubble or Bobble Stitch Tutorial & ” As Presents ” – Knit

Here I have given an example of the 3D Bubble or Bobble stitch.

I have made this video in a bigger needle in order to show the stitches a bit better, but please find my pattern at: Ravelry Muze Studio

to see an example and easily make this gorgeous baby blanket design.

Here is the written pattern for the 3D Bubble stitch:

It is a 4+1

First 8 Rows:

Row 1: Knit3 Purl 1 across until end of row, Knit

Even Rows as presents (also see video to describe “as presents”)

Repeat rows 1 and 2 until you finish your seventh row.

Row 8: Purl 3, Drop 1 -crochet to right needle, repeat to end of row (as presents)

Row 9: (bringing new set of 8 rows over to give honey comb affect)

K5, P1, *K3, P1 *repeat until end of row

Row 10: As Presents

Repeat Row 9 & 10 until end of Row 15

Row 16, Purl as presents, Drop K row as before.

Repeat from Row 1 Until desired length.

See Baby Blanket Pattern using this stitch Here: Etsy – Muze Studio

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PATTERNS – Options Options Options

Yes – I even sometimes put together HOW I make my knitwear, and put them into a Pattern, or two, or five….

I will also be adding a tripple OUTLANDER cowl pattern soon!

(ask me if interested).

I never liked the so called, traditional basket weave pattern, it looks more like boxes to me… so….

I have a great Realistic looking Basket Weave pattern.  I have the example as a baby blanket, but Ive heard from people who have used it as everything from scarves to little baby coats.



You can find this patterm and more in the patterns section of my shop HERE.



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OUTLANDER Cowls are Here! Multiple Colours Available!

Well Well Well…

I am a HUGE fan of the OUTLANDER books.  I, Personally – am so In LOVE with Jaimie Frazer that I am ruined for mere mortals…


When the show came out, and I saw the amazing knits on the show, and specifically on Claire ( the show is on STARZ if youre interested), I just had to figure out the best ways to make that same piece!

After much playing around, I have finally put together the best patterns for the best fibres.

I have many colours (or, Colors to some of you 😉  ) –  so you will see a lot of action on this one!

Also – you can, as always, request a colour, and I will do my best to find it!

Here is an example of some of the colours I have made, available in my shop:

PhotoGrid_1415641315959 PhotoGrid_1415656048920 PhotoGrid_1415641225691 PhotoGrid_1415383955087 PhotoGrid_1415304158505


If you have any colour questions, or size ideas – just drop me a line at ScreamThePrettyParts@gmail.com – and I’ll speak with you soon!



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