FREE Water Fall – Garter Stitch Infinity Scarf Cowl *** PATTERN ***

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No matter where I go – I always get compliments from friends and complete strangers about this cowl / infinity scarf.

Its an incredibly simple pattern, amazing for first timers – or pro’s just sitting in front of the tv.

Its two skeins – of Lion Brand HomeSpun – Super Chunky (6) – with 6mm knitting needles.

Cast on 30 stitches.

Do a Garter stitch for entire project.

(SO, decide if you want to work entire piece in knit, or purl…. and stick with that stitch for every row, for the entire length of you piece).

  • HINT – when choosing yarn, try to find a skin that the inside ( where you pull the yarn out of the centre), and the outside (end of the skein, wrapping close to the label) are as close to the same shade as possible.  This allows you to use the entire skein if you want, with as seamless a colour change as possible.
  • This is a great piece to pull up around your head, and still have a wrap around your neck / chest.
  • Play with the width!  My personal piece is closer to a cast on of 40 stitches, I reallly like pulling one of the layers as a shelter around my head and ears, fabulous for those “its not snow but its not rain” days!
  • I cannot stress this enough – ENJOY THIS PATTERN! Play with it, feel around with it!
  • With this yarn, I recomend washing in cold, and laying out flat to dry, but thats up to you too 🙂


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