OUTLANDER Cowls are Here! Multiple Colours Available!

Well Well Well…

I am a HUGE fan of the OUTLANDER books.  I, Personally – am so In LOVE with Jaimie Frazer that I am ruined for mere mortals…


When the show came out, and I saw the amazing knits on the show, and specifically on Claire ( the show is on STARZ if youre interested), I just had to figure out the best ways to make that same piece!

After much playing around, I have finally put together the best patterns for the best fibres.

I have many colours (or, Colors to some of you 😉  ) –  so you will see a lot of action on this one!

Also – you can, as always, request a colour, and I will do my best to find it!

Here is an example of some of the colours I have made, available in my shop:

PhotoGrid_1415641315959 PhotoGrid_1415656048920 PhotoGrid_1415641225691 PhotoGrid_1415383955087 PhotoGrid_1415304158505


If you have any colour questions, or size ideas – just drop me a line at ScreamThePrettyParts@gmail.com – and I’ll speak with you soon!



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