Why “Free” patterns are never FREE!

So, we’ve all been there right?

You go online, looking for something ‘Perfect’. Something to match what’s been in our heads to make. Something made with the yarn we’ve bought.  Something ‘Perfect’.

Sometimes, we even search “Free” to see what will come up.

Well, if you’re not an experienced knitter – or good at puzzles – that “Free” pattern comes at quite the cost.  Usually, that cost starts with your sanity. Am I right???

Recently – I was looking to make a poncho style wrap or pullover.

There were a lot of basic designs, not much more than I could really make myself.

And then, I came across this absolutely gorgeous Pullover on the Lion Brand page.

This is the free patten I used, GORGEOUS isn’t it!?

Isn’t that BEAUTIFUL!?

It really is!  And trust me, most of the pattern is great – no complaints to Lion Brand, it is GORGEOUS.

It is however, one of these situations where a ‘Free’ pattern is a HEADACHE.

I’ve been knitting and crocheting since I was a very young girl.  My grandmother had me on her knee under 10, learning crochet stitches, a few years later it was knitting.

I’m also really good at patterns and puzzles.  Maybe its because I was doing things like UN-knoting Yarf (Yarn-Barf), for the same grandmother when I couldn’t crochet what she was making – I don’t know.  My point is, THANK GOODNESS I’m good at these things, because when it comes to a lot of ‘free’ patterns, nothing is free. You need to decipher so much. It’s free for a reason, right?

With a ‘free’ pattern, you don’t often have the support you get with a purchased pattern.  You (most times) cannot contact the author with your puzzle questions, so that half way through that pattern, you give up.

You don’t want anything to do with the frustration anymore, you quit.  You then may start to think that you’re no good at knitting. Knitting is “not for you”.

I’m here to tell you – Knitting IS for you. (or Crochet, or quilting, or painting, or stained glass – WHATEVER your MUSE (or Muze) is!

So, I decided – this is a gorgeous pattern. With all credit to the designer over at Lion Brand, I am going to show a version that may be a bit easier for people who don’t have the experience, or maybe the patience, to decipher the issues I came across.

If you’re experienced, you may be able to head on over and start now – Show us photos of your finished object! (FO) we would love to see them!

For now, Im doing this in a cream and a gorgeous ORANGE that I have been dying to use!

I had an issue with a previous use, and had to tear down (rip) so I had this huge ball of yarn – I called it Venus 🙂

Venus in Yarn
“Wild Fire” Lion Brand

I’m matching this Wild Fire – with this gorgeous warm neutral by Loops and Threads:


Loops and Threads yarn used with free pattern.

Both of these yarns can be purchased at Micheals.

Add yourself to the Mailing list to get the final draught and photos of the complete step by step on this beautiful pullover poncho pattern!

Keep Creating everyone!  Keep up your Muze!!!

– R

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